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A caving holiday in Bulgaria is a great way to experience a natural environment unlike any other.

Most of the caves in Bulgaria have been explored and are open to visitors on a caving holiday to Bulgaria.

Traces of prehistorical life have been found in many of the caves in Bulgaria. The beauty of caves with stalagmites, stalactites, dentrites, and water pools make the caves of Bulgaria a favourite holiday destination for cavers and anyone who studies spelaeology.

Almost a quarter of the Bulgarian landscape is karst terrain and Bulgaria is blessed with an amazing network of caves. About 5,500 caves and potholes in Bulgaria have been explored. Of these Bulgarian caves, more than 60 caves have a total length over 1,000 metres, and there are more than 50 potholes in Bulgaria deeper than 100 metres.

The Bulgarian caves and potholes are of great scientific, cultural and historical importance. Cave fauna has been recorded in more than 700 of the caves in Bulgaria, and includes numerous endemic species. Many of the Bulgarian caves have a rich repository of archaeological remains, with many cave finds dating back to the Palaeolithic period.

Seven of the caves in the Trigrad region in the Western Rhodope Mountains of Bulgaria have prehistory of 4,300 BC and the caves are a popular attraction for visiting when on a caving holiday to Bulgaria.

The cave closest to Geshaview is the ‘Bacho Kiro Cave’ which is only 5 kilometres from Dryanovo, Bulgaria and is only 300 metres away from the Dryanovo Monastery. It is located in the canyons of the Andaka and Dryanovo River. The cave is a four-storey labyrinth of galleries and corridors with a total length of 3,600 metres, 700 metres of which are open for visitors. Lists of longest and deepest caves in Bulgaria.

Other caves in Bulgaria to visit are:
The Snezhanka ("Snow White") cave is located 5km from the town of Peshtera in the Rhodope Mountains of southern Bulgaria. It was discovered in 1961.

The Magura Cave is one of Bulgaria’s most famous and beautiful caves. It is located in north-western Bulgaria close to the village of Rabisha in the Vidin Province of Bulgaria.

The Devil’s Throat Cave is located in the western Rhodopes in Bulgaria, near Bulgaria’s border with Greece. Devil’s Throat Cave is, according to legend, the route by which Orpheus attempted to retrieve his beloved Euridice from Hades in the Underworld.

Saeva Dupka Cave is near the village of Brestnitsa in Northern Bulgaria, Lovech Province. It has five halls and 400 metres of corridors which offer some of the most beautiful cave formations in Bulgaria.

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From Wikipedia, a partial list of the caves of Bulgaria:

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The Helictit Speleo Club was founded in December 1963.

A weird and wonderful website created by a Bulgarian Speleologist. (The link is via Google translate from the original Bulgarian language version)

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Wikipedia page with a listing of sites of cultural and historical significance.

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There are about 5,000 caves found in Bulgaria.

Here are lists of the longest caves and the deepest caves in Bulgaria.

List of longest caves in Bulgaria (more than 1km long)
Cave name, Village, Province; Length; Depth
  1. Duhlata, Bosnek, Sofia; 17600m; -70m
  2. Orlova Chucka, Pepelina, Ruse; 13437m
  3. Imamova dupka, Yagodina, Plovdiv; 8501m
  4. Vreloto Bosnek, Sofia; 5280m; +85m
  5. Goliamata Balabanova, Komshtiza, Sofia; 4800m
  6. Prikazna, Kotel, Sliven; 4782m
  7. Boninskata, Krushuna, Lovech; 4530m
  8. Temnata dupka, Lakatnik, Sofia; 4500m
  9. Anduka, Dryanovo, Lovech; 4000m
  10. Tizoin, Gubesh, Sofia; 3599m
  11. Bacho Kiro, Dryanovo, Lovech; 3500m
  12. Raichova Dupka, Cherni Osam, Lovech; 3333m; -377, +10m
  13. Ruse, Emen, Loveshka; 3306m; -100m
  14. Vodnata Pestera, Cerovo, Sofia; 3264m
  15. Moroviza Glogene, Lovech; 3250m; -105m
  16. Lucifer, Zelenich, Bourgas; 3200m
  17. Ponora, Chiren, Vratsa; 3172m
  18. Emenskata pestera, Emen, Lovech; 3113m
  19. Marina dupka, Genchevzi, Lovech; 3073m
  20. Bambalova dupka, Emen, Lovech; 2923m
  21. Troana, Emen, Lovech; 2750m
  22. Barkite 14, Vratsa; 2600m
  23. Beliar, Gorno Ozirovo, Lovech; 2560m; -282m
  24. Kazite, Zimevica, Sofia; 2560m; -205m
  25. Parnizite, Parnizite, Lovech; 2500m
  26. Magura, Rabisha, Montana; 2500m
  27. Izvorat Borino, Plovdiv; 2480m
  28. Devetashkata Peshtera, Devetaki, Lovech; 2442m
  29. Zandana, Shumen, Varnenska; 2220m
  30. Nenaimenovana, Ginzi, Sofia; 2217m
  31. Baiov komin, Drashan, Montana; 2196m
  32. Manuilovata, Ribnovo, Sofia; 2119m; -115m
  33. Goliamata temnota, Drenovo, Sofia; 2000m; -106m
  34. Vodopada, Krushuna, Lovech; 1995m
  35. Goliamata Mikrenska, Mikre, Lovech; 1921m
  36. Machanov trap, Zdravkovez, Lovech; 1907m
  37. Mladenovata propast, Chiren, Vratsa; 1723m
  38. Kumaniza, Cherni Osam, Lovech; 1656m
  39. Urushka Maara, Krushuna, Lovech; 1600m
  40. Lepeniza, Rakitovo, Pazardzhik; 1525m
  41. Krivata pesht, Ginzi, Sofia; 1500m
  42. Maianiza, Zerovo, Sofia; 1426m
  43. Lednizata, Gela, Plovdiv; 1419m; -108m
  44. Izvorat, Iantra, Lovech; 1400m
  45. Lednika, Kotel, Sliven; 1367m; -242m
  46. Toshova dupka, Glavazi, Montana; 1302m
  47. Vodni pech, Dolni Lom, Montana, 1300m
  48. Bashovishki pech, Oreshez, Montana; 1298m
  49. Malkata Mikrenska, Mikre, Lovech; 1295m
  50. Tainite Ponori, Shumen, Shumen; 1283m
  51. Sopotskata, Sopot, Lovech; 1255m
  52. Maglivata, Kotel, Sliven; 1244m
  53. Zadunenka, Karlukovo, Lovech; 1150m
  54. Drangaleshkata, Mugla, Plovdiv; 1142m; -255m
  55. Vurlata, Cherni Osam, Lovech; 1110m
  56. Malkata iama, Cherni Osam, Lovech; 1101m
  57. Aladjanskata, Gortalovo, Lovech; 1083m
  58. Gornik, Krushuna, Lovech; 1074m
  59. Sedlarkata, Sadovec, Lovech; 1070m
  60. Duhaloto, Aprilzi, Lovech; 1040m
  61. PPD, Bosnek, Sofia; 1020m
  62. Vodnata peshtera Peshtera, Plovdiv; 1000m
List of deepest caves in Bulgaria (more than -100m)
Cave Name, Village, Province; Depth; Length
  1. Raichova dupka, Cherni Osam, Lovech; -377, +10m; 3333m
  2. Barkite 14, Vratsa, Vratsa; -356m; 2600m
  3. Iamata na Kipilovo, Kipilovo, Sliven; -350m
  4. Tizoin, Gubesh, Sofia; -320m; 3599m
  5. Beliar, Gorno Ozirovo, Lovech; -282m; 2360m
  6. Drangaleshkata dupka, Mugla, Smolian; -255m 1142m
  7. Lednika, Kotel, Sliven; -242m; 1367m
  8. Malkata yama, Cherni Osam, Lovech; -232m; 1101m
  9. Mugliviyat snyag, Tvarditsa, Burgas; -230m
  10. Muglivata, Kotel, Sliven; -220m
  11. Kazite, Zimevica, Sofia; -205m; 2560m
  12. Vihren, Bansko, Blagoevgrad; -200m
  13. Barkite 18, Vratsa, Vratsa; -178m
  14. Pukoia, Pavolche, Vratsa; -178m
  15. Lisek, Dryanovo, Gabrovo; -164m
  16. Uzhasat na imaniarite, Kotel, Sliven; -158m
  17. Kambankite, Mugla, Smolyan; -158m
  18. Borova dupka, Cherni Osam, Lovech; -156m
  19. Blagova yama, Etropole, Sofia; -153m
  20. Yavorec, Zverino, Vratsa; -147m
  21. Kladeto, Rudozem, Smolyan; -147m
  22. Malia Sovat, Briazovo, Lovech; -140m
  23. Akademik, Kotel, Sliven; -140m
  24. Kurvavata lokva, Kotel, Sliven; -140m
  25. Nenaimenovana, Ginzi, Sofia; -135m; 2217m
  26. Aleko, Ilindenzi, Blagoevgrad; -132m
  27. Druzba, Dobrostan, Plovdiv; -130m
  28. Bunderiza, Bansko, Blagoevgrad; -125m
  29. PPD, Bosnek, Sofia; -125m; 1020m
  30. Malkata Balabanova, Komstiza, Sofia; -125m
  31. 20 godini Akademik, Bansko, Blagoevgrad; -118m
  32. Manuilovata, Ribnovo, Sofia; -115m; 2119m
  33. N9, Bansko, Blagoevgrad; -115m
  34. Tainite Ponori, Shumen, Shumen; -115m; 1283m
  35. Ivanova voda, Dobrostan, Plovdiv; -113m
  36. Haidushkata propast, Bistrez, Vratsa; -108m
  37. Lednizata, Gela, Smolyan; -108m; 1419m
  38. Pticha dupka Cherni Osam, Lovech; -108m
  39. Partizanskata, Glogene, Lovech; -107m
  40. Goliamata temnota, Drenovo, Sofia; -106m; 2000m
  41. Golemata voda, Karlukovo, Lovech; -105m
  42. Bezdunia pchelin, Yablaniza, Lovech; -105m
  43. Moroviza, Glogene, Lovech; -105m 3250m
  44. Cheliustniza Bansko, Blagoevgrad; -104m
  45. Panchovi gramadi, Zverino, Vratsa; -104m
  46. Kumaniza, Cherni Osam, Lovech; -104m; 1656m
  47. Yasenski oblik, Yablaniza, Lovech; -104m
  48. N14, Bansko, Blagoevgrad; -103m
  49. Pleshovska dupka, Prevala, Montana; -102m
  50. Kunchova vurpina, Tepava, Lovech; -100m
  51. Ruse, Emen, Lovech; -100m; 3300m
  52. Stotaka, Brezovo, Lovech; -100m