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A horse riding holiday in Bulgaria - experience the spectacular scenery from the best possible viewpoint - on horseback!

Horse riding holidays in Bulgaria offer a lot of satisfaction for the novice or experienced rider. The richness of the Bulgarian landscape with its varied terrain has some great routes for riding.

One of the advantages of a horse riding holiday in Bulgaria is that, as there are not many forbidden paths and roads, you are relatively free to go horse riding wherever you like.

Horse riding in Bulgaria is a real adventure in discovering the beautiful countryside and nature of Bulgaria. You have the opportunity to meet a variety of wildlife from roes, deers, foxes, hares, wild boars, jackals and also a wide variety of birds.

Bulgaria has many different breeds of horses that are well known for their compliant temperament. In particular the East Bulgarian and the Pleven.

Herds of wild horses can be found in the high mountain regions of Bulgaria. Once these horses were domestic but they were let free and now they roam the Bulgarian countryside and frequently stray into nearby villages.

Arranging a horse riding holiday
Bulgaria has many good riding schools that make it perfectly suited to a horse riding holiday in the saddle. There are a growing number of companies who can organize your riding holiday around your love of horses.

The best horse riding holidays are with companies who have well developed stables combined with good riding conditions. The best way to choose a suitable stable is to read up first on its location, checking out the area’s natural resources. It is also crucial to check that the stable has a variety of well-schooled horses to suit all tastes, ages and abilities. You will also need to ensure that you are accompanied by an experienced guide who knows both the area and the horses well.

The holiday village of Geshaview has an established relationship with a local riding school where they can arrange a professionally run horse riding holiday experience for their guests.

If you would like to experience a horse riding holiday in the beautiful, wild and untouched nature of Bulgaria just contact them and they will organise a holiday experience for you riding in the spectacular scenery of Bulgaria from the best possible viewpoint - on horseback!

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Horse riding holidays in Bulgaria.
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Wild horses in Bulgaria

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Wild horses in Bulgaria

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Wild horses in Bulgaria

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